Kmesh to Deliver Lustre-Based Data Orchestration to the Kinetic Edge Alliance, the technological leader in multi-cloud and edge data orchestration, today announced that it has joined the Kinetic Edge™ Alliance (KEA)—an industry alliance of leading software, hardware, networking and integration companies committed to driving the broad adoption of compute, storage, access and interconnection at the edge of the cellular network, simplifying edge computing for the masses—as a Technical Partner. brings unique expertise to Kinetic Edge deployments, offering to collaborate with end users and support Deployment Partners as they deliver innovative edge services.

The Kinetic Edge Alliance was established by Vapor IO, the world’s fastest-growing colocation and interconnection platform at the edge of the wireless network, to roll out edge equipment and services across the top 30 major metropolitan US markets, with the first six markets targeted for 2019. By assembling best-in-class member companies from across the industry, the KEA seeks to provide comprehensive real-world architectures for edge computing deployments at the edge of the telco network.

“In joining the Kinetic Edge Alliance, Kmesh is bringing high-performance data orchestration to our edge environments and enabling fast access by edge apps,” said Cole Crawford, CEO of Vapor IO. “By incorporating Kmesh’s Lustre-based data services at the Kinetic Edge, end users can run both HPC apps and regular apps at unprecedented performance levels.”

“Running apps on the edge requires a significant technology shift toward innovative ways to make data access ubiquitous and fast,” said Jeff Kim, CEO of “Our collaboration as a Technology Partner with the Kinetic Edge Alliance will enable enterprises of all sizes to make running their apps at the edge a reality and deliver innovative functionality and services to their customers and users.”

The announcement builds on Kmesh’s significant industry momentum due to Kmesh’s uniquely high-performance data orchestration capabilities, as demonstrated by recently being named a winner of the Prestigious TiE50 Award; partnering with dRoute to advance blockchain app performance; and Kmesh’s platinum sponsorship of the Lustre User Group 2019 Conference.

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