Lustre-as-a-Service for Cloud Architectures.

Get all the performance benefits of Lustre in the cloud without the complexity and management headaches. Kmesh does it all for you, in any multi-cloud architecture.
Performance Comparison. Parallel Virtual File Systems on Microsoft Azure Performance: tests of Lustre, GlusterFS, and BeeGFS, January 2019. -- Microsoft

Imagine getting the fastest HPC file system…totally managed.

Your development teams can use Kmesh SaaS to exploit Lustre’s unmatched HPC performance and scalability to minimize latency and optimize throughput of HPC apps. Additionally, there is nothing to manage to make the solution work. It is completely turnkey.

  • Powers most of the world’s Supercomputers
  • POSIX-compliant
  • Stellar performance for large and small IOs
  • Serves any size deployment

‘As-a-Service’ is the practical path to Cloud-based Lustre.

Lustre’s powerful. Yet, that power is complicated to enable. You simply cannot easily manage Lustre in the cloud without a dedicated team for file system management. Lustre presents these common challenges:

  • Four systems to manage: File system clients; Object storage servers; Metadata servers; and Management servers
  • Tuning required at all levels
  • Non-Lustre tools needed: replication, load balancing, failover
  • Continuous updating required for all kernel versions

Lustre complexity grows exponentially the more you diversify your multi-cloud architecture, which is what multi-cloud is all about. That’s because every cloud differs in terms of compute and storage, with a multitude of options. Just making it work is hard enough. Then, to optimize for the perfect price-performance mix requires in-depth expertise.

Kmesh Lustre-as-a-Service

Kmesh eliminates the installation, management, and maintenance complexities with a SaaS service that auto-installs Lustre into your existing multi-cloud architecture.

Your team provides the basic requirements for performance & availability, and the Kmesh engine selects the right resources to meet those requirements.

Manage multiple Lustre clusters on multiple clouds--all from your own Kmesh portal.

The Kmesh Portal for Lustre-as-a-Service.

Simply configure your business rules/data orchestration policies through the Kmesh portal and rapidly deploy your HPC apps over any clouds or locations.
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