AI, Machine Learning and Simulations

Kmesh frees your data so you can leverage cloud’s elastic computing capabilities to mimic human thought processes and streamline your decision making.

Supercharge your high performance computing

The true benefits of AI/ML, simulations, and analytics in the cloud are only realized when you can leverage your own custom data to deliver specialized services. Generic use cases just won’t do. Using Kmesh, you can provision real-time, synchronized virtual copies of your data ─ as well as cloud-based data ─ to perform real-time, multi-cloud computing that yields insights and drive your business.
“One of the biggest challenges to cloud simulation is the upload and download of large datasets.”
─ Greg Fallon, Vice President of Simulation, Autodesk
Using KMesh, your apps can continuously ingest data from NFS, EFS, and S3 from different locations/clouds and write back the results to NFS, EFS and S3 on the same or different clouds. Data refresh occurs based on the rules you establish in Kmesh to ensure current data resides everywhere, as needed.

Industry-Specific Uses

Securely governed data

Your support for continuous development, integration, testing, deployment, and operations has to be consistent. While the tools and steps you use may vary, having governed data accessible to all ensures consistency. Whether your apps call for data that resides in NoSQL databases, traditional databases, parallel file systems, or cloud sources, Kmesh treats it all as a single namespace and governs it.

No Added Infrastructure

Kmesh SaaS operates within your existing infrastructure to make the data accessible. Simply configure your business rules / data orchestration policies through the Kmesh portal and rapidly deploy your DevOps data over any clouds or locations.
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