Cloud Bursting.

Real-time. Cost-efficient. Flexible.

On-premises, compute-intensive workloads often need extra capacity to handle peaks in demand. Yet, IT cannot justify the purchase of additional hardware just to manage data processing spikes that occur intermittently. At the same time, OpEx rises too fast when running a full technology stack in the cloud 24x7x365.

Cloud bursting is said to provide the perfect balance between storage capacity, data processing and cost by enabling fast spin-up of data processing resources in the cloud, on demand. Yet, despite that advantage, use cases for cloud bursting have proven scarce. That’s because IT teams often must replicate entire datasets in the cloud and struggle to keep those copies synchronized with on-premises datasets. This introduces management burden and latency, defeating the purpose of cloud bursting for real-time operations.

Modern cloud bursting ─ without the overhead

Kmesh SaaS automates data orchestration (planning and provisioning) between your data center and multiple clouds so that you can burst any app to the cloud at any time. Kmesh manages your data via virtual copies and automates synchronization between data centers and clouds so that you minimize cloud-bursting latency, eliminate 90 percent of manual effort, and shrink cloud data storage costs. (see the Kmesh architecture for cloud bursting below).

Industry-Specific Uses

Securely governed data

Your support for compute-intensive applications has to be consistent. While the tools and steps you use may vary, having governed data accessible to all ensures consistency. Whether your apps call for data that resides in NoSQL databases, traditional databases, parallel file systems, or cloud sources, Kmesh treats it all as a single namespace and governs it.

No Added Infrastructure

Kmesh SaaS operates within your existing infrastructure to make the data accessible. Simply configure your business rules / data orchestration policies through the Kmesh portal and rapidly deploy your DevOps data over any clouds or locations.
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