Compute-Intensive Workloads in the Cloud

Easy. Fast. Secure.

Easy and fast deployment of compute-intensive apps’ data

Kmesh SaaS reduces your data planning and provisioning time by up to 90 percent. No more moving data around data centers or cloud locations. Simply establish data orchestration policies and your HPC apps can access the right data at the right time.

Use Cases: Compute-Intensive Workloads

The Kmesh SaaS for Compute-Intensive Workloads in the Cloud

You want to distribute the compute for any complex problem across multiple CPUs to minimize execution time. Whether performing engineering simulations, financial risk analyses, molecular dynamics, or other HPC workloads, you need to rapidly exchange data for concurrent computations.

Kmesh SaaS incorporates all the functionality needed to real-time manage HPC app data across cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud deployments.

  • Bursting of compute-intensive workloads to cloud without performance bottlenecks
  • Seamless transfer of data between on-premises data sources and apps on public clouds
  • Synchronization of data changes within on-premises sources to apps in the cloud in real time
  • Intelligent cloud data caching to ‘spin up’ cloud apps faster

The Kmesh SaaS solution operates within your existing infrastructure to distribute file system data over your cloud and edge locations via a single global namespace. Simply configure your business rules / data orchestration policies through the Kmesh portal and rapidly deploy your data over any cloud location(s).

Minimize latency, maximize throughput

Kmesh SaaS exploits Lustre’s performance and scalability to support the stringent latency and throughput demands of the most compute-intensive apps.

Multi-Cloud Data Orchestration

Sync data from on-premises apps into less expensive storage and cloud-based clusters. You can efficiently sync results data with data from other apps, both on-premises and cloud.

Cloud Caching for Remote Data Access

Sensitive on-premises data can be accessed from public cloud without experiencing security issues, while apps can be brought up faster on cloud – without waiting for data transfer.

Move to Cloud without the Risk

Since Kmesh SaaS operates within any existing cloud infrastructure and security architecture, you do not have to make changes to any of your data storage infrastructure to leverage Kmesh SaaS quickly.

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