Streamlined Electronic Design Automation (EDA) in the Cloud ─ without the Risk.

Kmesh overcomes data management and sharing issues associated with deploying EDA in hybrid-clouds and multi-Clouds. Operating within your current data security and compliance architecture, Kmesh SaaS delivers the simplest hybrid-cloud data synchronization possible for all your design and verification workflows.

EDA Workflow Acceleration Using Cloud

EDA’s compute-intensive workloads are exposing design teams to the performance limitations of their on-premises computing infrastructure. Public clouds, by contrast, are better suited to tackle the challenges of modern electronics design, with easy access to on-demand compute power. EDA platform providers, such as Cadence and Synopsys, have enabled usage of their software tools on public clouds.

However, successful deployment of EDA in the cloud depends upon several critical factors:

  • Flexibility to run all, or a portion of, EDA workflows in the cloud
  • Ability to seamlessly move data from one EDA phase (e.g. simulation and verification) to another EDA phase
  • Consistency in scale, speed, and performance of the EDA processes occuring in the cloud

Speeding EDA Workflows in the Cloud is Easy with Kmesh


The Kmesh SaaS platform is built on Lustre, the dominant Parallel File System for the supercomputer community. As a result, Kmesh provides the optimal performance in IOPS, throughput, latency, and scalability for your EDA workloads in the Cloud.

  • Burst EDA workloads to cloud without performance bottlenecks.
  • Seamlessly transfer on-premises data and apps onto public clouds, including AWS, Azure, and more.
  • Synchronize data changes within on-premises sources to apps in the cloud in real time.

With Kmesh SaaS deployed on-premises and in your cloud provider of choice, the process of hybrid-cloud EDA becomes simplified:.

  1. Ingest application data from your existing NFS storage to the Kmesh Lustre-based file system.
  2. Data changes from one EDA phase are efficiently and securely synchronized to another EDA phase.
  3. EDA apps run on the Kmesh file system in the cloud.
  4. Simulation/Modelling/Verification results are synched back to on-premises Kmesh file system or NFS.

Kmesh makes it easy to unlock the improved performance and economics of cloud. In addition, it frees your design teams to work with any cloud provider, an important consideration since different cloud vendors offer varying levels of High Performance Computing capabilities.

With all your data synchronized across multiple locations, global design teams can collaborate on the “single version of truth” in your designs and test results.

No Added Infrastructure

Kmesh SaaS operates within your existing infrastructure to make the data accessible. Simply configure your business rules/data orchestration policies through the Kmesh portal and rapidly deploy your EDA data over any clouds or locations.
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