Edge Data orchestration is the key to Edge Computing.

Kmesh SaaS enables you to perform application compute at the edge by ensuring all the necessary data is present and secure at the edge – real time and governed.

5G and IoT edge: its about the data!

Kubernetes is for apps, Kmesh is for data

If you love what Kubernetes does for your edge apps, then you will love the marriage between Kmesh and Kubernetes. Kmesh SaaS seamlessly integrates to Kubernetes. When your Kubernetes make calls for data, Kmesh ensures the data arrives in real time, from anywhere. This provides ultimate flexibility to your edge app development and deployment.

Edge apps are where the real-time action is.

You want your edge apps to take real-time actions based on inputs from end-user devices, machines, sensors, and other IoT technologies. That requires local processing, analysis, and manipulation of the data from those sources. Kmesh SaaS ensures all the data is present when your apps need it, no matter the data’s origin source and location.

The Edge Computing need for data is here

Ease and speed deployment of edge apps.

Kmesh SaaS reduces your data planning and provisioning time by up to 90 percent. That’s because you don’t have to move it around your data centers or cloud locations. Simply establish data orchestration policies in the Kmesh SaaS dashboard, and your edge apps and Kubernetes can access the right data at the right time. Our seamless integration to Kubernetes puts your edge apps on the leading edge, faster.

Ensure edge data is governed and synchronized.

Whether your edge apps call for data that resides in NoSQL databases, traditional databases, parallel file systems, cloud sources, or any other source, Kmesh treats it all as a single namespace and governs it. You can parse it as needed, which is especially useful when complying with data localization regulations simultaneous to speeding your apps.
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