Instantaneous Disaster Recovery in Multi-Cloud Environments.

Kmesh eliminates the need to purchase an additional layer of storage hardware and software for multi-cloud data architectures. When you use Kmesh SaaS for multi-cloud data mobility, the platform delivers real-time disaster recovery through multi-cloud data synch and backup.

Data Level Disaster Recovery is Faster and More Accurate

One of the major promises of multi-cloud architectures is the ability to have your apps perform faster and maintain uptime goals. Yet, app-level DR just doesn’t deliver the speed. That’s because data from a single node in one cloud gets striped and backed up onto multiple nodes in another cloud.
Kmesh speeds disaster recovery by making exact copies of your individual data nodes and placing those copies into separate clouds. When a cloud region or provider goes down and takes down a data node, Kmesh automatically sends all data requests to the full backup node located in a separate cloud or cloud region.

Securely Governed Data Further Simplifies DR

Your DR support for a wide variety of production apps in the cloud has to be consistent. Kmesh SaaS is purpose-built to manage data access around service provider outages. Whether your apps call for data that resides in NoSQL databases, traditional databases and/or parallel file systems that reside in one or more locations, Kmesh treats it all as a single namespace and governs it.

No Added Infrastructure

Kmesh SaaS operates within your existing infrastructure to make the data accessible. Simply configure your business rules/data orchestration policies through the Kmesh portal and rapidly deploy your apps and data over any clouds or locations.
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