Customer Case Studies

You want to move your data between multiple locations, clouds, and geographies while granting real-time access to it. Now you can -- with the click of a button on Kmesh SaaS.

Hybrid Cloud for App Dev/Stage/Test

A systems integrator enabled data-sharing from customers’ on-premises data center to multiple services in the cloud, including enterprise app delivery, app dev & testing, and non-production services.

A Japan-based cloud integrator uses Kmesh to increase service margins by developing and deploying new games on public cloud. When user traction for a game reaches a pre-determined threshold, the SI seamlessly moves that game to an on-premises data center.

Analyzing Customer Data In-Country

This Europe-based retailer has a large customer base in China and wanted run extensive customer analytics to optimize product offers to China-based consumers. Yet, China’s data localization law requires all personal user records and shopping cart data to stay within China. By deploying Kmesh, the retailer is now able to run Google analytics locally in China with apps that combine data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The results are sent back to the retailer’s European datacenter based on rules established within Kmesh.

Hybrid Cloud with Multi-Cloud automated and seamless data movement

A Microsoft Cloud SI Partner seamlessly synchronizes data across clouds and geographic regions to improve app performance and reduce manual labor requirements. The SI has increased margins by offering superior performance and data synchronization using Kmesh integrated into customers’ existing private cloud and AWS EFS filesystem deployments.

Optimal Performance & Management of Geo-Distributed database clusters

This multinational telecommunications company wanted to improve the management and performance of their on-demand TV platform that relied on user/profile management deployed within a hybrid cloud Casssandra ring. Using Kmesh, the company replaced Cassandra replication to replicate the entire ring and made substantial performance gains, noticeable by consumers.

Multi-Cloud Orchestration of Financial Data & Apps

This global hedge fund relies on cloud-only applications and sought to create hybrid-cloud analytics & financial analysis for AWS on private cloud. The company has deployed Kmesh to pursue three strategic goals:

  1. Simplify data orchestration for complex, data-driven services
  2. Control data placement in the cloud to comply with data sovereignty and consumer protection laws
  3. Avoid cloud vendor lock-in to minimize costs

How does Kmesh support so many Distributed Data use cases?

We developed elegant software that uniquely translates Parallel File System technology to the Cloud.

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