From centralized data lakes to distributed data ponds

Kmesh provides software that orchestrates your data, across onprem, clouds, countries, domains and edges, as a single global namespace

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Many apps and services running in the cloud suffer, because the data that supports them is not portable or real-time accessible.

Kmesh SaaS lets you easily distribute your data, in a flexible and governed way, to support any combination of cloud or multi-cloud initiatives.

Instantly comply with geo-specific data laws.

Eliminate the need for local data centers around the globe. The Kmesh dashboard allows for automated, policy-based data provisioning and management to ensure you always remain compliant with your data movements.

Simplify your cloud data strategy.

Reduce the time and resources required to provision cloud data by up to 90 percent. Kmesh SaaS incorporates all the functionality you need to real-time manage your data across cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud deployments. No more costly tools and engineering effort.

Deliver data to apps and users faster.

Accelerate app speeds by 5-10 times over cloud-based file systems. to support any Enterprise or HPC apps. Kmesh delivers distributed high-performance computing with real-time data access and synching for your most stringent performance needs


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Hybrid Cloud

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