Multi-Cloud Data Mobility


Many apps and services running in the cloud suffer, because the data that supports them is not portable or real-time accessible. Kmesh SaaS lets you easily distribute your data, in a flexible and governed way, to support any combination of multi-location or multi-cloud initiatives.

Kmesh delivers a simple SaaS solution that lets you orchestrate all your application data from a single namespace

— regardless of its physical, logical or legal location. We provide line-of-business professionals and service providers with the best way to deploy apps and support them with data, anywhere.

Our Team

▲ Jeff Kim


Jeff serves as Kmesh's CEO. He has been in the cloud infrastructure space for over 20 years. Recently, he was Founder/CEO at Neumob (acquired by Cloudflare) and President/COO at CDNetworks (acquired by KDDI). He previously worked at Akamai, BitGravity, Sprint-Nextel and Accenture.

Michael Nishimoto

Co-founder, Chief Architect

Prior to co-founding Kmesh, Michael has been in system architecture and storage for almost 30 years. He was storage architect at Ankeena (acquired by Juniper) and co-author of the XFS file system from SGI. Previously, he also worked at Graphite (acquired by EMC/DSSD), Mirapoint, and MIPS (acquired by SGI).

Ramanand Narayanan

Co-founder, Head of Engineering

Ram is a co-founder and heads engineering. He has been an engineer/leader for over 25 years with many successful startups. Previously, he was a founding engineer at Ankeena (acquired by Juniper), and worked at PMC-Sierra, LVL7 (acquired by Broadcom), and Tata Consultancy Services.

Vinay Gaonkar

Co-founder, Head of Product/Marketing

Vinay is a co-founder and Head of Products/Marketing. He has over 20 years of experience in enterprise storage, virtualization, networking and cloud. Prior to founding Kmesh, he led product and solution strategy for EMC/XtremIO, led data management software at Violin (IPO), and drove VMware’s storage strategy.


Our Board

Sumant Mandal

March Capital

Sumant is Managing Director and Co-founder of LA-based March Capital Partners. He leads investments in Cloud Computing, IoT, AI/ML, and Network Infrastructure as well as companies supporting the Indian market.

Rajan Raghavan

The Fabric

Rajan is CEO and Co-founder of The Fabric, a startup co-creation foundry, and accelerator, with notable exits including VeloCloud (acquired by VMWare). Previously, he was a co-founder of several companies including Ankeena, which was acquired by Juniper.

Pankaj Patel

Former CDO/EVP Cisco

Pankaj was Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer at Cisco where he reported to the CEO and was responsible for its $38 billion product and solution portfolio. He retired from Cisco after a successful 19 year career, and now serves on the boards of startups that he feels passionate about.

Vic Mahadevan

Former CSO NetApp

Vic served as the Chief Strategy Officer for NetApp where he was responsible for driving strategic planning, acquisitions, and supporting NetApp's strategic alliances and partnership teams. He currently serves on the boards of several startups and philanthropic organizations.