Grab your share of the Cloud Data Orchestration market.

Kmesh works with leading MSPs, Systems Integrators and Cloud partners to provide our data orchestration software to enterprises and multinationals around the world. Our partners use Kmesh to support multiple customers, increase revenue, decrease costs and maximize profits.

Data Mobility & Orchestration is a multi-billion dollar per year business.

New services you can provide with Kmesh SaaS.

Simplify and speed your data operations with Kmesh.

Reduce the time and resources required to provision cloud data by up to 90 percent. Kmesh SaaS incorporates all the functionality you need to real-time manage your data across cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud deployments. No more costly tools and engineering effort.

Gain operational efficiency.

Reduce operational complexity of service offerings while removing manual steps from your data synchronization processes. Kmesh SaaS eliminates the need for constant development of workflows, tools and custom projects that use up valuable engineers and SREs.

Leave your existing infrastructure unchanged.

Kmesh is true SaaS and requires no changes to your infrastructure. As a result, you can deliver new, app-centric data services faster than ever before.

Distributed Data Use Cases


Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Bursting

Hybrid Cloud

DR, Backup, Staging, HA


App specific clouds &
AI Infrastructure


Data Sovereignty &

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