Maintain Data Sovereignty while serving customers in any geography.

Different nations have different rules governing the use and movement of customer data. Yet, your apps need to share and access data in real time, everywhere to make your business run.

Whether you use cloud, hybrid cloud or your own data centers, the Kmesh Data Sovereignty SaaS solution lets you easily manage your data in ways that keep you globally compliant while making your apps 100% effective.

Data Sovereignty is varied and spreading.

Significant New Regulations, by Country:

The European Union’s GDPR: If you process personal data, you must clearly disclose any data collection and state how long data is being retained and shared with any third parties or outside of the EU. You must also make available, upon request, any individual’s data in a format that is portable (not separated in data silos). Fines reach up to four percent of prior year global revenue.

China’s Cybersecurity Law (CSL): Similar to EU’s GDPR, but adds localization requirements for “important data.” This restricts cross-border transfer of an ambiguous and evolving set of data related to national security, economic development and societal and public interests.

India’s Personal Data Protection Bill (CSL): Requires companies to maintain a copy of individuals’ personal data in India, and for some types of data, bans international storage.

Brazil’s General Data Privacy Law (LGPD): Similar to the EU’s GDPR and even stricter regarding international data processing. Fines reach up to two percent of a company’s previous year global revenue.

USA’s State-by-State Laws: California’s CCPA gives consumers the right to tell any business not to collect personal/individual data. Other U.S. states are predicted to follow California’s CCPA.

Comply with Data Residency.

The new reality is that you simply cannot transfer out of some countries the consumer data collected by your web apps and services. That list of countries and types of data will continue to expand. The Kmesh SaaS-based solution lets you change your data compliance stance in just a few clicks.

Move the right data internationally.

The fines for transferring the wrong data internationally can be massive – up to 4 percent of your global revenue. With Kmesh, you can view and parse all your NoSQL and file system data for simplified management across multiple locations, clouds, data centers and geographies.

Make data access appropriate & ubiquitous.

The EU’s GDPR, China’s CSL and many other regulations require you to make available data in a way that is not siloed. Kmesh lets you manage data so that your various apps and services can access only appropriate data as dictated by each nation’s individual regulation.

Change in Compliance Needs? No Problem!

The Kmesh Portal allows for virtually limitless data orchestration policies. As business requirements change, you simply modify your policies to optimize data usage, minimize costs, and remain compliant with changing data sovereignty laws.

Data Sovereignty Use Case

Analyzing Customer Data In-Country

This Europe-based retailer has a large customer base in China and wanted run extensive customer analytics to optimize product offers to China-based consumers. Yet, China’s data localization law requires all personal user records and shopping cart data to stay within China. By deploying Kmesh, the retailer is now able to run analytics locally in China with apps that combine data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The results are sent back to the retailer’s European datacenter based on rules established within Kmesh.

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