Flexibly move your data anywhere you want - on private or public clouds - in real-time

You adopted multiple clouds to take advantage of the best apps and services available. But, siloed data and the challenge of intra-cloud and inter-cloud data synchronization are holding you back.

Kmesh SaaS lets you orchestrate all your application data in a centralized manner ─ regardless of its physical, logical or legal location ─ to optimize your cloud app architecture.

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A flexible architecture lets you do more, faster.

Seamless data orchestration between private and public clouds or multiple regions within a single cloud.

Kmesh seamlessly imports data from existing file storage in your data center and cloud, thus enabling simple app deployment. You can also set rules in Kmesh to simultaneously send data to any private or public cloud and/or write it to object storage, such as AWS S3. For primary apps, real-time synchronization of production data happens automatically via policy-setting in Kmesh.

Overcome any multi-cloud data challenges.

Common multi-cloud challenges center around data security, parsing, and synchronization. Kmesh SaaS operates within any security environment. As a result, you can view and parse all your NoSQL and file system data for simplified synching across multiple locations, clouds, data centers and geographies. Not only do you speed provisioning of new app and service functions, you gain a simple solution for complying with the myriad of data localization laws.

Leave your existing infrastructure unchanged.

Kmesh is true SaaS and requires no changes to your infrastructure. As a result, you can deliver new, app-centric data services faster than ever before.

Gain operational efficiency.

Reduce operational complexity of service offerings while removing manual steps from your data synchronization processes. Kmesh SaaS eliminates the need for constant development of workflows, tools and custom projects that use up valuable engineers and SREs.

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Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Bursting

Hybrid Cloud

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