DevOps Data in the Cloud.

Agile. Fast. Efficient.

The speed and agility promised by DevOps in the cloud rely heavily on fast and efficient test cycles. That means your developers must be able to test on production datasets as early and often as possible. Kmesh makes it easy to ‘shift left’ and access more test data earlier, whether you use a hybrid cloud or multiple clouds, such as AWS, Google Cloud, and OpenStack.

Data accessibility used to hinder DevOps in the cloud

Before Kmesh, development teams struggled to provision test copies of critical data sets fast and efficiently over cloud. Even when using just a single cloud, full copies of production data become unwieldy and out of synch across different locations. The problem becomes magnified in multi-cloud environments.
This complexity and overhead multiplies when leveraging multiple clouds, the infrastructure of choice for global DevOps.

Delivering DevOps Data ─ without the overhead

Kmesh SaaS automates data orchestration (planning and provisioning) so that your test/dev apps in the cloud can access the right data at the right time. Because Kmesh manages your data via virtual copies and automated synching between clouds and locations, you eliminate 90 percent of the manual effort and cloud data storage costs.
Imagine your developers having the ability to use virtual copies of any size datasets. This means more realistic testing throughout the development cycle.

Securely governed data

Your support for continuous development, integration, testing, deployment, and operations has to be consistent. While the tools and steps you use may vary, having governed data accessible to all ensures consistency. Whether your apps call for data that resides in NoSQL databases, traditional databases, parallel file systems, or cloud sources, Kmesh treats it all as a single namespace and governs it.

No Added Infrastructure

Kmesh SaaS operates within your existing infrastructure to make the data accessible. Simply configure your business rules / data orchestration policies through the Kmesh portal and rapidly deploy your DevOps data over any clouds or locations.
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